Our miniature golf is loads of fun

for the whole family!


1125 Lake Nepessing Rd

Lapeer, MI 48446

Outside Golf can turn into Inside Golf on the Golf Simulator at Lake Nepessing Golfland. Play a round of golf with friends, practice your swing, or play in the drop-in Open Golf League.

We have a large indoor 1000sq ft putting green and a covered heated outdoor hitting area where you can hit range balls in heated comfort and actually see where your ball is going… unlike domed ranges…WOW. 

Stop out at Lake Nepessing Golfland, 1125 Lake Nepessing Rd, Lapeer; ¼ mile South of I-69, Exit 153

Call for a T-Time :810-664-3514

Golf Simulator: $24 hr wk, $29 hr we

Rain or shine, winter or summer,

Golfland is at your service.

State of the art golf simulator

Heated and covered outdoor driving range.

Go for a spin on our go-kart track.

Lit for nighttime races also!

Mini Golf - Go-Karts - Driving Range 

All Golf All The Time

Cold weather is no excuse for people to put away their clubs for the winter.

Indoor facilities at Lake Nepessing Golfland are open year round. During the winter customers can take advantage of heated hitting tees for the driving range, a large indoor putting green and a state-of-the art golf simulator with world class courses.

Instructors will continue to be available upon appointment to give lessons during the winter months. The golf simulator has also made it possible for winter golf leagues that include contests and cash prizes.

Besides recreating the feel of playing on a golf course, the simulator provides information on club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, club path, distance and much more about the user’s swing; the information provides a useful tool to get instant, accurate feedback to improve anyone’s golf game.

“The instructors like to use the simulator too to see if someone’s club path is outside in or inside out when they hit the ball,” said the owner of Lake Nepessing Golfland, Steve Carlson. “It’s a great tool to analyze the golf swing.”

In addition to the simulator, nothing compares to seeing your shot with your own eyes on the driving range. Regardless of rain, sleet or snow, the driving range at Golfland is open year-round because of its covered heated hitting area.

“In a dome, you have limited distance,” Carlson explained. “You can only see where your ball is going if you hit a shot about 90 yards or less. On the range you can hit the ball in comfort and actually see where it’s going.”

Lake Nepessing Golfland is open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. with a flexible closing time. To schedule a tee time on the simulator, call (810) 664-3514.